Oracyn Oral Care Spray, 120ml

Oracyn Oral Care Spray, 120ml

Oracyn is unique among mouth washes and oral care products. Formulated with MicroHeal technology Oracyn is effective in the removal of even the toughest bacteria and fungi known to cause oral health issues. For mouth wounds such as ulcers and post dental procedures Oracyn helps provide faster healing. 


Common oral health issues for Oracyn use include:


  • Gingivitis (bleeding, sensitive and irritated gums) is caused by bacteria that builds up plaque and then tooth decay. The bacteria form a group, known as a biofilm that is very difficult to remove or reduce. 
  • Oral pain and inflammation, including post dental surgery or throat infection. 

  • Oral thrush (an overgrowth of fungi)

  • Mouth ulcers

Oracyn is a fast acting spray that reduces symptoms and does not contain alcohol or other irritating ingredients.


How effective is Oracyn?

  • Oracyn has been shown to resolve gingivitis and bleeding associated with brushing in as little as 5 days. 

  • Oracyn as a gargle (30 seconds) has been shown to eliminate the bacteria responsible for causing strep throat, without damage to the cells and tissue of the mouth. 


Oracyn does not damage or stain teeth, the mouth or dentures. 


Always read the label and use as directed. If symptoms persist please see your healthcare professional.